If you are interested in joining one of our ministries, please contact the church office.  Participation in any ministry requires those to be registered with the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Safe Environment Database.

The Pastoral Life Committee plans and organizes spiritual and social activities to enrich the pastoral life of the parish.  Such activities include a yearly Advent Mission with a guest priest, inviting guest choirs to sing at Mass, a book discussion on Matthew Kelly’s Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, a ministry rally highlighting Bishop Zubik’s Pastoral Letter, a group outing to a Pirates game, and a yearly Mass and luncheon to recognize all of the volunteers in our parish's ministries.  The committee meets usually the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Education Center.

The Liturgy Committee, comprised of members of both Incarnation of the Lord and Risen Lord parishes, oversees the liturgical calendar and makes recommendations on how to enrich the worship services.  The committee meets approximately ten times a year for about an hour.  Presently, the sessions meet on the first Thursday of the month.  The committee is small but active.  We have offered lector workshops, Advent and Lent themes, and Eucharistic processions and Adoration to name a few.

The Music Ministry provides the opportunity for people to use their musical gifts to bring God’s message to others.  Participation in Music Ministry is open to a wide range of talents - from singing in the choir, being a cantor, or accompany the music as an instrumentalist.

The role of the choir is to encourage the singing of the congregation and to enhance the music at liturgies.  The Choir season starts in September of each year and typically ends on Pentecost, with rehearsals one evening each week.  To be a member of the choir you need to have a love of singing, the ability to carry a tune, and the dedication to consistently attend scheduled practices and liturgies.

Cantors lead the people in sung prayer and require the ability to carry a tune accurately and with enough confidence to lead others.  Individual or group cantor rehearsals are scheduled as needed.  Scheduling is flexible and does not require every cantor to sing every weekend.

The primary instrument used in the Music Ministry program remains the organ, but other instruments can be used to enhance the music heard at liturgies.  The keyboard, chimes, guitar, violin, trumpet, and flute have all been used in a variety of parish liturgies, and we are always open to other possibilities.

The Fundraising Committee’s purpose and emphasis is on having FUN with fellow parishioners and the community, and raising FUNDS for parish operational and financial needs.  We meet monthly for the purpose of brainstorming, planning, and executing ideas ranging from small campaigns to large events.  Individual committee member involvement varies, based on your desired level of time commitment; jobs can range from administrative, solicitation, or serving as the chairperson of a specific event.  Annual events include a Night at the Races, a Super Turkey Bingo, and a Super Spring Bingo.  If you are organized, energetic, and enjoy being around people, consider joining our team!

The Ladies of Charity were founded by St. Vincent de Paul in the early 1600’s to serve the needs of the poor in France.  In the present day, the Ladies of Charity continue this mission worldwide of prayer and service to attend the needs of the sick, poor, and marginalized of our society.  Their motto is “To Serve Rather Than Be Served.”  Here at Risen Lord, the Ladies of Charity serve others by visiting, calling, and sending cards to shut-ins, attending funeral Masses to support grieving families, being involved with the prayer ministry, and assisting at the Anointing Mass and Mass of Remembrance.

The 59er’s is a social group for the senior citizens of the parish.  The group meets for lunch and bingo on the second Thursday of the month, except for January and February.  Lunch costs $3.00 and starts at 12:00.  The menu varies from sandwiches and side dishes to hot full course meals.  Dessert is included.  Bingo starts after lunch.  No reservations are needed.  Just show up and become part of the group.

The Damascus Diner, or the Saturday Men’s Breakfast as it’s sometimes called, is an informal gathering of men for breakfast and camaraderie.  It takes place on the second Saturday of the month.  Breakfast is served at 8:30 AM.  Around 9:00 AM we explore a topic about how we as men are challenged to live our Catholic faith in today’s world.  We conclude around 9:45 AM with a brief prayer.  While we are few in number, there are still diverse backgrounds among the men who attend regularly.  We don’t always see eye to eye, but we are all interested in learning more about our faith and finding simple ways to try to live it more fully each day.  There is no pressure to participate in discussions; each man is free to contribute or observe as he sees fit.

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